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Meridian Therapeutic Massage was created, by LMT Michele Grogan Baker, to bring quality massage therapy to the community of Los Lunas, Albuquerque and the surrounding areas in beautiful New Mexico. Meridians are interconnected energetic pathways in the body that connect the material to the nonmaterial . They distribute and regulate our individualized energy, nutrients, blood, bodily fluids and our spirit throughout our body while moistening and nourishing our bones, tendons and joints. Meridians are uniquely individual  as each of us are, and we strive to provide massages that are as individual as the client; to listen to our clients needs and create a massage that leaves the client feeling heard and refreshed.  We use touch as a tool to tap into the client's muscular, nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems during each treatment. Your muscles will feel loose, your mind calm, your nervous system at ease and your soul fed.




Michele Grogan Baker has been a professional massage therapist since 2020 and a registered yoga teacher since 2010. After 15 years working in medical and dental management she decided to go back to school to pursue massage therapy to have a more direct and  holistic impact on individual's wellbeings. She thrived in massage school graduating with honors at the top of her graduating class; taking her role as a massage therapist seriously. She hopes to impact how others see massage therapy as a truly beneficial way to heal and connect the body and mind. In her free time she loves to garden, bake and spend time with her husband and son. Michele also teaches weekly Yoga group fitness classes, sharing her love of Yoga, while encouraging others to believe in themselves and there capabilities. We are all worthy and deserve to feel vibrant.

Reiki Treatment


We strive to provide massage therapy to release physical and emotional tension, to relax, heal and unify the body and mind to a state of serenity.


Our vision is mindful therapeutic touch naturally helps the body and mind to communicate effectively, reduces inflammation, pain, stress and promotes overall wellbeing.

Neck Massage
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